Do you live or work in a ski resort?

Would you like to become a partner of snow-forecast and update your resort page, get free marketing opportunities and free membership?

For the new season, we are looking to work more closely with ski resorts which will prove beneficial in the following ways:

* - you get a free weather feed to embed in your resort website
* - you can update our site with news announcements or marketing campaigns aimed at your visitors
* - you can edit the resort information directly to inform us of any improvements or revisions to your resort info. (e.g. new lifts, higher runs etc.)
* - you submit daily snow reports via our simple online form. This will enable your resort to feature in our snowfinder and snowhistory services.
* - we will give you free membership of giving you access to the subscriber areas

All of the above is provided AT NO COST TO YOU and will ensure that your resort has the most accurate and comprehensive exposure to the millions of skiers out there, leading to what we are all interested in: more visitors!

If you are interested, please contact us today!