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Lyžování a Canada - Alberta

Marmot Basin Průvodce po středisku

Lyžování a Canada - Alberta

Marmot Basin Průvodce po středisku

Marmot Basin Průvodce po středisku

November 23rd, Marmot Basin photo

Marmot Basin

Údaje o fotce: Rob Gordon

Canadian Express Chair, Marmot Basin photo

Marmot Basin

Údaje o fotce: W Picard

Tres Hombres, Marmot Basin photo

Marmot Basin

Údaje o fotce: Erin Reade

Statistiky svahů

  • 2612m

  • 914m

  • 1698m

  • Akry sjezdovek:1720
  • Sjezdovky:91
  • Zasněžování:25%
  • U-rampy:0
  • Snowparky:2
  • Běžecké trasy:300 km
  • začátečník30%
  • průměrné30%
  • pokročilé40%

Located in the rugged landscape of Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Marmot Basin is as unpretentious as it is pristine. Overlooking breathtaking mountain vistas, you will find the 1720 acres, 91 runs and 3,000 vertical feet of varied terrain that make up Marmot Basin; the highest base elevation of all Canadian ski areas. Marmot’s trails are split equally between easy, intermediate and advanced, making this an ideal destination for skiers and boarders of all abilities. There are 4 distinct areas of the mountain that are laid out in a very user friendly way, so going from steep alpine bowls to bumps to cruising through glades is just a chairlift or two away.


  • Nejbližší letiště:Edmonton
  • Nejbližší stanice vlaku:Jasper
  • Telefon na turistické info::+17808523816
  • Webová stránka turistického centra:www.skimarmot.com
  • Ubytování u sjezdovky:-
  •   30
  •   6


  • Zahájení sezóny:16 Nov 2018
  • Konec sezóny:5 May 2019
  • Lifts:7 (inc chair lifts and surface lifts)
  •   -

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Informace poskytnuta 6 May 2018

Nejnovější sněhové zpravodajstvízobrazit plné sněhové zpravodajství

  • vydáno:15 Jan
  • Poslední sněžení:10 January 2019
  • Hloubka sněhu (horní):
  • Hloubka sněhu (spodní):
  • Sjezdovka:Packed powder or groomed snow
  • Mimo sjezdovku:-

Dnešní počasí (2155 m)zobrazit plnou sněhovou předpověď

0 SW0
-8 °CF-Level
0 WNW0
-6 °CF-Level
v noci
5 SE5
-11 °CF-Level

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Mapy lokace Marmot Basin

Marmot Basin Location Map

Návštěvnické hodnocení střediska Marmot Basin

Sebastian ze země Germany napsal:

Marmot Basin: a 'once in a lifetime' experience?!

Marmot Basin is a little resort with good runs and few people skiing there for most of the time. It is located near Jasper and offers a great and scenic mountain view. It could be a nice, even though not a cheap experience. It could … but the two days of skiing did not totally satisfy me.

I headed out to Marmot Basin on a cloudy day looking forward to a great powder day. I rented my skis and bought the ticket. I then headed out to find most of the lifts closed. Only a flat school run was open. If you enjoy skiing on a hill as steep as the Great Plains, that's the place to go. Weather is always part of the game and strong winds are troublesome for any chair lift. No question about that. So I can see that point of closing the lifts.

But: I felt like having bought a ticket for a cruise and then finding myself on a boring one-day boat trip. And yes, I was quite disappointed. The cashier sold me a full day pass, knowing that most of the lifts were closed at that time.

One chair lift opened shortly before midday, which made at least some black runs with great powder accessible but still leaving most of the mountain closed. All in all, not worth the money I paid for the pass.

I decided to head out to the guest service the next morning to see what could be done about that. I was then referred to come back in the afternoon to talk to the manager. When I got there for a second time I was blocked off by one of the cashiers: 'I should have come yesterday and normally they don't grant a refund or anything etc.. Now you know that for the next time'. Is that what you call a good guest service?

Well, I don't! Every governmental agency has a better costumer service than Marmot Basin.

It's kinda creepy selling a full priced ticket, knowing that most of the mountain is shut down at that time (and will remain shut down throughout the day). And it's even bolder if the manager isn't even ready to take the complaint the next day and think about any kind of compensation. Poor performance on that!

So … yes, Marmot Basin truly was a 'once in a lifetime' experience. I am disappointed by the poor guest service and the poor experience I paid a lot of money for. One thing is for sure: I'll never come again and I cannot recommend that resort to anybody. Take the extra miles and head for Lake Louise, Revelstoke, Golden or some of the other awesome resorts fairly close by. You will definitely enjoy it a lot more.

If you want to pay more for less: Marmot Basin is the place to go.

Out of 5 stars I will award 2.
Deducting 3 each for:
- poor day of skiing w/ most lifts closed and w/o any compensation.
- disappointing guest service, not worth it's name.
- ticket prices slightly over the top for the experience the resort has to offer.

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